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kevin tran đã nói: BONUS We offer the best bonuses! FIRST CASH DEPOSIT 100% Free play bonus with 10 rollover. Rollover is the amount of action given to the company before any payout can be requested. Rollover is achieved by placing bets in the whole game, no half time no quarter time bets, no casino, no horses and baseball bets count as half the action. The line bets have to be in between -200 +140. All free play has to be played first in order to calculate the Rollover. Example: (Rollover requirement = your deposit + your freeplay bonus or freeplay winnings, whichever is greater) On a $500 deposit with a $500 bonus and $200 winnings, the rollover requirement is $10,000 ($500 deposit + $500 bonus = $1,000 x 10 = $10,000). On a $500 deposit with a $500 bonus and $900 winnings, the rollover requirement is $14,000 ($500 deposit + $900 winnings = $1,400 x 10 = $14,000). FIRST CARD DEPOSIT 100% Free play bonus with 15 rollover and 30 day hold. Amount % Free Play Cash RO Card Deposit RO 100$ - 299$ 15% 300$ - 499$ 20% 500$ - 999$ 30% 1000$-1999$ 40% 2000$- more 50% Abuse of Bonus Programs: Our bonus program is intended for recreational bettors only. reserves the right to revoke the bonuses of, and further sanction, any member considered to be abusing the bonus system. Bonus abuse includes: Betting both sides of a single event for the purpose of falsely achieving bonus rollover requirements Referring new accounts for your own use The sanctions may take the form of: Increased rollover requirement Loss of bonus privileges for the offending account and any linked accounts Geographical restrictions on bonus eligibility MORE INFORMATION PLS CONTACT KEVIN AT 1-888-500-2905 EXTEND #1005 OR LEAVE MESSAGES 1-626-248-7621 WE DO PRICE PER HEAD LOWEST $12 TO $10/agent .Lam dai ly .Cash play i speak vietnamese and english BEST REGARD KEVIN TRAN